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To request a feature, you can add a section to the bottom of the list below. Please take a few minutes to read through the list and make sure the feature you want isn't already listed somewhere. I'll take these off when/if they get implemented in /f/lockdraw, and move them over to the Changelog.

The features on the list are in no particular order, the first few are things I've had in my notes for a while.

Note that since only mods can edit the wiki, you'll have to get in touch with one of them if you have a cool feature idea and aren't a mod.

Requested Features

Links for all users

Add the ability for regular users to post links in chat
This is added in version 29

Save extra permanent rooms

Admin can make rooms permanent so that their name, description, and room mod list will be preserved when the server restarts
As of version 29 room descriptions and mod lists are saved for 7 days after the last user leaves

Room bans

Allow global mods to ban users from one room only, and room mods to ban users from their room
Added persistent mutes in version 29

Linetool assist

Hold a key to make the line tool snap to multiples of 45 degrees
I want to do this, but it may not be implemented for a while

Shaped brushes

Different brush shapes: Square, calligraphy (line), etc
This would be cool, but also will take a while to implement

Voting tool for mods

Better way to keep track of votes for new mods than the current method
As of V31, mods are now managed on a per-room basis. It's up to the owners to implement voting if they want

Trusted users

Users can be made "trusted" so they can bypass room mutes. Probably on a per-room basis
Added persistent unmutes in version 29

Higher resolution canvas

This also requires a zoom tool that can zoom below 100%, so people can still see the whole canvas when they sign in. Also, I'm not entirely sure the server can handle the increased data from a higher res...
I've done this already, but it really increases the load on the server, so it's not happening for now

Move dropper tool

Move the color select tool (F8) up closer to the brushes (F1-F3) so it's easier to access.
This is done in version 29

Change "Darken" brush mode

Modify the darken mode so it doesn't affect thin antialiased lines as much.
Still not sure if this is even possible while still using the flash drawing functions.

Easier number value changing

Scrolling the slider over and over again is tiresome. This would mainly be for size, alpha and blur settings. When you click the number displayed, you can manually add your own (size, alpha and blur) value without using the slider.
This is added in v33

"Shimmie it" button

Users can upload images from the whiteboard directly to the shimmie
I'd like to do this, but interfacing with Shish's code will be difficult, and rate-limiting it so we don't get a ton of duplicates will be even more difficult

Chat join/leave messages

Notify when a user leaves or joins in chat
I think this would get annoying after a while. Maybe in the future as an option you can turn on if you want.

Colors in User List

Use different colors to display usernames in the user list, depending on the userstatus (mod, room-mod, registered user, unregistered user).
Probably not going to add this, since I prefer mods to be able to remain anonymous if they want

Mute all command

A command to mute everyone in the room at once. Could be usefull if trolls are already in the room before you can mute room. I'm sure you can figure out other uses. I'm just passing along the suggestion.
Added double-click mutes in version 29 to make muting a lot of users at once easier

Cancel button for ban-dialog

The ban dialog should have a cancel button, so if you misclick on ban in the popupmenu you can cancel the opperation.
This is added in version 29

Preset Zoom Positions

16 Preset zoom positions at 400% zoom. It will cover the whole board and being able to shuffle through the 16 frames with a hotkey (and back with another) will allow to make simple animations or maybe some very nice ones!
This would be very cool -- maybe I can even add a simple animation function (showing a shadow of the last frame)

Event based undo

Can the undo funktion be made eventbased, so that there will only be an undo point when there was actually a change on the canvas. This way you can undo vandalised drawings even if the time-period is a bit longer, when nothing inbetween has been drawn. Just save an image every second, if someting has changed. If nothing has changed the undo buffer will not be expanded. This way it is not neccesary to save all drawing informations, just a flag that indicates if somthing has been drawn since the last undopoint.
This is added in version 31

Offline mode

Add a mode that lets you use the drawing features without Internet access (by yourself, obviously) and still save/load
This is done in version 29

Direct room shortcuts

Add a script on the webserver that lets you access rooms directly (i.e. skycow.us/roomname)
This is done in version 29. It's skycow.us/r/roomname

Change Chat

Give user the ability to disable chat or put chat in a drop down format to prevent distraction
Won't be adding this -- experience with original FD and flockmod has shown that having chat hidden just makes dumb users spam with the text tool

Decrease disconnection timeout

Decrease the time a user has to wait before the server realizes they're gone after they get disconnected
This is done in version 30. Keep in mind that there will always be some time (up to 1.5 minutes) you have to wait before the server realizes you're gone if you get disconnected by a network error (i.e. your wifi going out).

User-programmable keyboard shortcuts

Add an options dialog that lets you set the keys that can be pressed to select tools, change size, sample color, etc.
Will probably add this in an upcoming version.

Restore kick option

Put kick back in as an option and allow the kicking mod to choose a message to display to the kicked user
Room bans are implemented as of v31, so kick is less necessary

Mods can see a hash of users' IP addresses

To make it easier to tell when users are the same person, add a hash of user IP to the user info box
This is added in v31

Enter key can be used for Join Room

Make it so the enter key can act as the "join room" button in the same way it acts on the username and password dialogs
This is added in v33

Arbitrary resolution in offline mode

Add an option to use higher resolutions when working in offline mode

Muted users can move while zoomed

Make it so that users who are muted can still use the (ctrl+click) move function while zoomed in on the canvas
This is added in v33

List/reset room mods function

Add a command to list (or at least reset) room mods so room owners can prevent rogue moderators with multiple accounts from remodding themselves

Timestamp in saved image filenames

Change the default filename when using the "Save It" button to include a date and time so filenames are unique
This is added in v33R2