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This is a list of changes that have been made in each /f/lockdraw version since around October 2011.

Versions are listed from most recent to oldest. Major version numbers are used primarily as a means of filtering incompatible clients (the "version too old" message) so changes in the major version do not necessarily reflect major changes in functionality.

The original flockdraw swf upon which /f/lockdraw is based refers to itself internally as version "3", so the first version of /f/lockdraw (after I added my versioning system) was number "4".

The latest update to /f/lockdraw is shown here at the top for convenience.

Version 33 R2

  • Removed code that saves previously used username. This is necessary because browsers have decided that Flash's local storage feature is a security risk and disabled it, causing /f/lockdraw not to load
  • Added automatic timestamp in default filename when saving images

Historical Updates

These are the older updates, listed in order from earliest to latest.

Version 4

  • Chat text a bit larger
  • Re-add zoom in context menu
  • Ban reason character limit
  • Bans go to their own board
  • Version number
  • Undo
  • Save image
  • Keyboard shortcuts for tools

Version 6

  • Notify on paintbucket for mods
  • add ban status history to user info
  • server checks version and denies old ones
  • Text tool / chat / userlist focus issues fixed
  • Local storage of username

Version 7b

  • Fixed mod promote dialog closing when passwords don't match
  • Longer paintbucket notify period
  • unban button doesn't hide properly
  • undo is happening feature
  • Smaller default cursor size

Version 7b2

  • Kicking and banning muted users fixed
  • Mods cant unmute fixed
  • Remove update alert message
  • Undo dialog interlock

Version 7b3

  • Userlist sorting fix
  • User drawing indicator
  • Wait timeout increased

Version 7r1

  • Initial image processing fix
  • Unmuted user cursor fix

Version 7r2

  • RGB/HSV sliders for color selection

Version 7r3

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 8b1

  • Paintbucket limit (<20% of pixels on canvas)
  • Timestamp on chat
  • Private messages
  • Modchat

Version 8b2

  • Block pen tool (no antialiasing)
  • Ban and kick images
  • Time zero padding fixed
  • Separate chat posts better

Version 9b1

  • Redo f-key shortcuts to include marker
  • Text tool cursor invert
  • Easy main rooms access on connect (and rules)
  • Blank default username
  • Server password try limit
  • Chat name colors

Version 9b2

  • No unicode control chars in user or room name
  • Chat scrolling fixed

Version 9b3

  • Chat and userlist colors changed
  • Text tool username place bug fixed

Version 10b1

  • Sanitize user and room name inputs

Version 10b2

  • Background colors for drop down menu in login screen and ban history
  • Board alignment fix
  • Different active indicators for tools
  • Link embed in context menu of chat input
  • PM popup from context menu of userlist

Version 11r1

  • Minor fixes for annoying UI behaviors

Version 12r1

  • Finally fixed board sync for slow connections

Version 13b1

  • Custom rooms listed on connect
  • Room preview images
  • Room mods
  • Hostname to new domain
  • Startup, kick, ban images pulled from script on server
  • All users logged
  • Integrate mod and ban user records into user/IP datafiles
  • User kick/unban in history
  • Roomname length limit serverside
  • Position indicators (0-255, etc) for RGBHSV sliders
  • Current color indicator moved closer to sliders and made larger
  • Chat lag fixed

Version 13b2

  • Larger history window in user information
  • Chat lag (really) fixed

Version 14b1

  • Username field is focused on open
  • Connect timeout added for weird firewalls
  • UI stuff now works properly on room change
  • Typing only spaces in chat no longer causes disconnect
  • Room mute status inconsistency fixed
  • Preview image/text fixed for custom rooms/zero user rooms
  • No image uploads in default room
  • Room list now sorted in order of decreasing user count

Version 14b2

  • Chat line colors less eyestraining

Version 15b1

  • Fixed one-character usernames causing preview image failure
  • Added version-too-old response to old-style connect command
  • Arbitrary image upload disabled in default room

Version 15b2

  • Fixed hiding text cursor on mute
  • Fixed some cursors don't hide when leaving a room
  • Fixed room privacy checkbox not working properly after first room creation
  • Added text under manual room name box to indicate that you can create new rooms
  • Added ability to change room description and privacy
  • Added ability for admin to change room permanency settings
  • Added notes in chat when you are muted or unmuted
  • Added website link to initial dialog
  • Added primary/secondary color swap function (and keyboard shortcut)

Version 15r1

  • Fixed bug with secondary color setting
  • Fixed intro text resizing improperly
  • Adjusted request timeout to improve initial image fetch reliability
  • Fixed setting a blank room description

Version 16b1

  • Tweaked server to improve performance with complex images and lots of users
  • Added alpha setting on tools (an Admin and Constant production ^_^)
  • Added new admin commands for server maintenance
  • Fixed intermittent "lost connection" messages when changing rooms
  • Room mods are now allowed in permanent rooms (other than the default room)
  • Fixed "You are muted" or "You are a room mod" messages reappearing inappropriately
  • Fixed F-keys not working after interacting with userlist
  • Fixed chat scrolling...again. Hopefully. (f^$#!ng textarea component)

Version 16b2

  • Fixed a bug that caused an inability to draw after manually syncing with someone
  • "Swap" function now swaps out the alpha setting as well as the color

Version 17b1

  • Fixed issue with swap button not updating alpha slider
  • Added brush modes

Version 17b2

  • Added ban expiration: first ban now expires after 24 hours, second after 5 days, third is permanent
  • Adjusted behavior of user info dialog to make it less confusing for mods
  • Increased timeout when manually syncing with a user
  • Fixed intro text in username box formatting incorrectly
  • Server now saves information on permanent rooms correctly when restarting

Version 17b3

  • "Save it" button can still save your current drawing if you get disconnected from the server

Version 17r1

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes disconnect mods when kicking people

Version 18r1

  • Server now saves information on new mods immediately so it is not lost in the event of a crash
  • Fixed a bug with the text tool
  • Adjusted font embedding
  • Fixed a bug with HTML control characters in chat
  • Changed the board size very slightly (what was with 801x481 anyway?)
  • >implying a greentext feature is useful

Version 19

  • Adjusted greentext color
  • >implying it's important to make greentext look the exact same color as on 4chan
  • Fixed a bug where sending an empty chat would disconnect you
  • Changed chat command handling so malformed commands don't do anything
  • Added broadcasted system alerts to chat
  • Added a notification and timeout for the "too many failed logins" lock-out
  • Added an option for mods to put notes on a user's record

Version 20

  • Fixed a bug where pressing page up and down would zoom the flash
  • Fixed a bug with the handling of empty chats
  • Changed server to different .NET version
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the banned room default image not to load

Version 21

  • Added a message that tells you if you type an invalid command (/something) in chat
  • Added a message that tells you if you PM an invalid username
  • Fixed a bug with sending PMs to an invalid user
  • Added a limit on characters in chat
  • Fixed some command handling bugs on the server

Version 22

  • Fixed a drawing bug that caused lines to look slightly different for different users
  • Fixed a bug with the cursor size that would cause flash errors
  • Fixed a bug with muting and unmuting users that could cause flash errors
  • Added a /me command to set a status visible to other users (e.g. "afk")
  • Changed text tool to a nicer font
  • Fixed a bug where brush mode would not properly reset when changing rooms

Version 23

  • Fixed a drawing bug that caused lines to look slightly different for different users
  • Fixed a bug with spaces in the /me command

Version 24

  • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you type certain characters in the user note dialog
  • Improved line smoothness (for everyone, not just the person drawing the line)
  • Changed brush tool and line tool so that brush modes and alpha settings apply properly
  • Added airbrush tool for those who want the old brush tool behavior
  • Added blur setting for regular brush tool
  • Fixed bug with focus when using brush mode menu
  • Added text after links to indicate the domain the link is at
  • Added Page Down keyboard shortcut for scrolling to end of chat
  • Switched the keyboard shortcut for swap to the tilde/grave accent key ("~")
  • Fixed some improperly sized title screen images
  • Added F-key labels for tools

Version 24 R1

  • Fixed an issue with tool reporting
  • Changed swap hotkey to "S"
  • Fixed a bug that caused errant lines and missed strokes when switching tools

Version 24 R2

  • Changed swap hotkey back to "~"
  • Left and right arrows now control alpha
  • Home and end keys now control blur

Version 24 R3

  • Fixed problems with brush glitching
  • Fixed a bug with the line tool
  • Replaced swap with 10 saved brushes

Version 24 R4

  • Fixed bug with brush modes switching in text tool

Version 24 R5

  • Fixed some more issues with keyboard commands while in chat and text tool
  • The saved brushes will now be stored between sessions
  • Added a note about saving your brush
  • Fixed a bug where the add note dialog displays usernames incorrectly

Version 25

  • Added an indicator for mods that shows who is floating text
  • Rewrote the basic protocol so that board updates and undos are much more efficient
  • Fixed a bug with user datafile saves that could cause the loss of ban records and user info
  • Fixed a few bugs related to getting the initial board image and preview images

Version 26

  • Fixed a bug where you'd get disconnected when setting a room description with spaces in it
  • Fixed a few bugs where users would get disconnected when changing rooms
  • Fixed a bug where all user info records would show up with "undefined" in them
  • Added better serverside logging for errors that cause clients to be disconnected
  • Modified the regular brush so that you cannot change size during a brushstroke

Version 26 R2

  • Changed saved brushes so they get saved on the server side (if you're registered)
  • Added zoom function (ctrl+mousewheel to zoom, ctrl+click and drag to move)
  • Added zoom slider and indicator
  • Added hotkey to switch to chat input (F9)

Version 26 R3

  • Removed flash default zoom from context menus
  • Added "Help!" link to the wiki
  • Fixed a bug where the brush mode menu would close when mousing over it
  • Fixed a bug where setting a room description would sometimes disconnect you
  • Fixed a bug that would cause mods to get disconnected sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where users' text cursors would not display their username

Version 27

  • Fixed a few bugs that would cause users to get disconnected

Version 28

  • Optimized server memory usage
  • Added TCP connection check/timeout
  • Added a few management tools
  • Fixed a bug with the chat

Version 29

  • Rooms now save their room mods and settings for 7 days even when empty
  • You can now double-click on a user's name in the userlist to mute/unmute them
  • Users who were manually muted will now stay muted for 24 hours even if they leave the room
  • Users who are manually unmuted will be able to bypass room mute in that room for 12 hours
  • Added ban time span setting
  • Fixed some bugs with banned users
  • Data on user status, rooms, etc is now saved more efficiently
  • Added room creation date on room list
  • Fixed a bug with /me message handling
  • Moved the dropper tool next to the brushes since it's used often
  • Fixed a bug involving trying to join a room twice with the same username
  • Added offline mode (draw by yourself if you don't have internet access)
  • Added direct room URLs (you can visit a room directly using

Version 29 R1

  • Added shortcut for main room
  • Fixed a bug with blank room names
  • Fixed a bug with the room settings dialog
  • Fixed a bug with the link highlighter not recognizing complete links

Version 29 R2

  • Fixed a few more bugs with the /me status messages

Version 30

  • Fixed a bug where muting an unmutable room will disconnect you
  • Fixed non-Admin users being able to change the room settings in modchat
  • Decreased ping timeout so users who get disconnected won't have to wait as long before rejoining the room
  • Fixed title image loading when in offline mode
  • Improved process of getting initial board image
  • Increased connect and image request timeouts
  • Fixed a bug with reporting empty rooms

Version 30 R2

  • Fixed a bug with syncing with users

Version 31

  • Removed global mods
  • Removed global bans, added room-bans
  • Previous global mods are now room mods in the main room
  • Room mods can room-ban users from their rooms only
  • Room creators can not be demoted from room mod
  • Room mods can see a hash of users' IP addresses
  • Room mods no longer get a dialog every time they join the room
  • Added a new chat command ("/info <username>") for getting user info
  • Changed Undo so that the board state is saved only when something has changed
  • Better automatic links in chat (http:// or https:// now required to avoid accidental links)
  • Fixed getting disconnected when chatting outside a room
  • Fixed a few bugs with ban history
  • Fixed a bug with setting the description in an existing room
  • Fixed a bug where you'd get disconnected when trying to send a blank PM

Version 32

  • Added server-side proxy/VPN detection to help prevent ban evasion

Version 33

  • Username box will now automatically focus when the .swf is loaded so you can type and/or hit Enter to login
  • The selected room in the room dialog can be entered by pressing Enter
  • Ctrl+drag can now be used to move while zoomed even when muted
  • The numbers next to the RGB/HSV sliders can now be edited to input a precise value (press enter to apply)
  • Changed the port number that /f/lockdraw uses so I can use 443 for what it's intended to be used for

Version 33 R2

  • Removed code that saves previously used username. This is necessary because browsers have decided that Flash's local storage feature is a security risk and disabled it, causing /f/lockdraw not to load
  • Added automatic timestamp in default filename when saving images