paradox_edge: Drawn by Noir. Cleaned by Me. =u= >>>
paradox_edge: Yo is that a Paradox? Or is that a jape. Is this supposed... >>>
paradox_edge: That would make things very inconvenient for me. 'cus... >>>
paradox_edge: Don't think I'm not happy that you people... >>>
paradox_edge: Yeah, Exactly. There's a lot of these. Ever tried... >>>
paradox_edge: Now stop whining and just add the other artists'... >>>
paradox_edge: I tag it ''Paradox Edge'' So I... >>>
paradox_edge: Because they can tag it themselves. I keep telling... >>>
paradox_edge: Ha. Horny Paradox in a fucking nutshell, this. I know... >>>
paradox_edge: Well I mean... Two can play that game? If you're... >>>
paradox_edge: Can you fix the fat on his chest, though? It's... >>>
paradox_edge: I... Didn't request this? I mean. that's... >>>
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