moonspurse: Ferrari = gag >>>
moonspurse: Sans lost long brother? >>>
moonspurse: Ok, im on my way. >>>
moonspurse: I thought they were legal too.. >>>
moonspurse: Disturbingly realistic. >>>
moonspurse: Wow, your still alive. >>>
moonspurse: Class SS booty. >>>
moonspurse: Elegant >>>
moonspurse: Exquisite >>>
moonspurse: Fabulous >>>
moonspurse: Lol, this a good one. >>>
moonspurse: Wii Fit trainer has nothing on this. >>>
moonspurse: That loli is sad because shes not a futanari. >>>
moonspurse: Bon appetit >>>
moonspurse: I want to play some adult leapfrog. >>>
moonspurse: If they aint 12, they aint well. >>>
moonspurse: We can upload flash on here? >>>
moonspurse: You cant, people like me must fap to it. >>>
moonspurse: the next rapgod :D >>>
moonspurse: Veggie Delight combo all the way. >>>
moonspurse: Thats a.. smashing photo. >>>
moonspurse: What's up with that photo-realistic artwork on... >>>
moonspurse: Lol, naa just kidding, nice work. >>>
moonspurse: Thanks for the reference. >>>
moonspurse: @AceSpam: Thats a really good idea. >>>
moonspurse: @k19: Thanks, yea, took me a long while, not good at... >>>
moonspurse: Hatman did the nice glow effect, and the others help... >>>
moonspurse: Hmm.. based off the Tags/source/comments it seems like... >>>
moonspurse: Oh no, I wont steal your characters, don't worry. >>>
moonspurse: That would be boring. >>>
moonspurse: Lol, just some random idea. >>>
moonspurse: Btw, I've have seen those 2 characters drawn together... >>>
moonspurse: AW come on.. who gonna F with the tags/source? >>>
moonspurse: Happy New years, that's my GF behind. Dont be... >>>
moonspurse: Secret project eh? Nice work >>>
moonspurse: Hotness.. >>>
moonspurse: Not bad Shiz, but Jahny just went OP. >>>
moonspurse: Nice >>>
moonspurse: Lol, nice quote on the bottom right. >>>
moonspurse: You better like it, I spent so much time on it. Onto... >>>
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