That_Guy: repost request >>>
That_Guy: was requested >>>
That_Guy: this is fucking cute >>>
That_Guy: are these the nuclear launch codes? >>>
That_Guy: I got it as close as I could. was hoping someone recognized... >>>
That_Guy: cute >>>
That_Guy: was requested >>>
That_Guy: next gen web designer >>>
That_Guy: Ro did the poobear >>>
That_Guy: I loled >>>
That_Guy: this is cute >>>
That_Guy: love the color >>>
That_Guy: nice >>>
That_Guy: nice >>>
That_Guy: those are cool Leo >>>
That_Guy: he only got a 24 hour ban, right? >>>
That_Guy: thanks >>>
That_Guy: looks rad >>>
That_Guy: so good >>>
That_Guy: it's fine we sorta ben needing it >>>
That_Guy: >>>
That_Guy: it's huge >>>
That_Guy: >>>
That_Guy: wow Aleidis that's some poetic shiz no edge... >>>
That_Guy: so good >>>
That_Guy: so good >>>
That_Guy: lol >>>
That_Guy: such art >>>
That_Guy: I really like the colors >>>
That_Guy: haven't seen brackets in forever >>>
That_Guy: lol >>>
That_Guy: lol >>>
That_Guy: you should do more Solar comics >>>
That_Guy: lol >>>
That_Guy: wow this is really good Luu >>>
That_Guy: this is the best >>>
That_Guy: well it could of ben some one in your family with your... >>>
That_Guy: did nim really die? >>>
That_Guy: I forgot the tail >>>
That_Guy: just edit it your self it's flock draw no one... >>>
That_Guy: many characteristics of her are appealing to me, I... >>>
That_Guy: if the drawing makes you feel their is something odd... >>>
That_Guy: forgot the name of who requested it but ya not sure... >>>
That_Guy: was requested for Doxu >>>
That_Guy: Needed a dragon Ball >>>
That_Guy: art >>>
That_Guy: Rad >>>
That_Guy: I see you got Mr Poopkins >>>
That_Guy: Are you drawing in mine craft? >>>
That_Guy: Makes me want to draw kyoni >>>
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