Grimybob: fail u 60 why do you use print screen? >>>
Grimybob: niggus gotta nigg as the wise old man said >>>
Grimybob: oh god yes, just yes >>>
Grimybob: yeah but you hate fun mallony, youre like wallowing... >>>
Grimybob: i miss when flockdraw was more like this... >>>
Grimybob: it's fucking epic :P >>>
Grimybob: the only thing that is missing is sillier space suits... >>>
Grimybob: ehm i cant connect to flockdraw for some reason...... >>>
Grimybob: we should make this kinda pic from scratch some time >>>
Grimybob: you jelly of my pirate-capt-mayor? >>>
Grimybob: easily the best banned pic ever :3 >>>
Grimybob: hawt ladies and kewl zombies ;3 >>>
Grimybob: this... >>>
Grimybob: it's not coming up again today? >>>
Grimybob: ohhh always check for the newest ver if it... >>>
Grimybob: lol my shitty old pic, thx fail :p >>>
Grimybob: whaaaat? you can't load the image? then spak to... >>>
Grimybob: Do you want to hear it said again? >yes yes makes... >>>
Grimybob: yes! my cake was too ugly to be with the comp :3 >>>
Grimybob: oh noy, he burnt his arms :3 i really loves his face... >>>
Grimybob: Solud Snek >>>
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