EncrustedAnchor: Bless you Blarg777, bless you >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Hella good shading fam >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Nicely done <3 >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Well hot damn, very atmospheric. <3 >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Very cute, well done. >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Quality 'Nam flashback. I'd give it PTSD/10 >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Dude, Paradox_edge/Theium, no one cares if you're... >>>
EncrustedAnchor: That's one fine Pepe >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Don't listen to Paradox_Edge, this tard is the... >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Lov'n that Asui >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Maybe Theium will get it in his head to stop asking... >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Too sugoi 4 me >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Just for you babe <3 >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Very well done <3 >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Tohohoh so many Luus >>>
EncrustedAnchor: I appreciate the effort put into this, regardless of... >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Woops, that's a repost >>>
EncrustedAnchor: You're really on top of your game posting almost... >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Top tier tats >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Expect the 4chan party van any moment Cntrct >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Bout 20hrs total over a week. >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Nicely done, looks hella nice >>>
EncrustedAnchor: Damn dude, that's spot on. >>>
EncrustedAnchor: apocalypse now >>>
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