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cntrct: >if you didn't take away the space I would've drawn more dogs
>why bring up autism

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sweet_pea: i do not understand what ur point is. ad hominom statements are fallacy logic. ppl can call ur loli drawings a sign of autism too. JS. doesnt mean u can
be rude 2 ppl who r different from u.
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Ninjihaku: The problem is that everyone wants to draw on Main. Because Main is where all the people is at. Nobody wants to draw in an empty room (this is a "multiplayer paint" after all, if we wanted to draw alone, we'd do so anywhere else).

More people = more space taken (overpopulation). So if someone wants to draw in main, chances are there won't be enough space because four or five people are drawing on it.

When the board is dead, nobody cares about "effortless" drawings because, hey... it's dead. Do as you wish. But when the board is active, these take space that could be used by someone else that wants to draw something more complex. It may sound unfair, but if we compare effort, making a ball with the brush and adding stuff to make it resemble a dog takes only 30 seconds, while drawing an illustration might take a few hours. You have to understand that.

Also we don't take someone else's space without the author's consent, as this is both mean and can disrupt his work. Specially if you still have some space left that you could use for something else.

Someone will say, "make another room". Well, yes. Let's say you make another room to separate the "big" stuff from the "common" (fun) stuff. What would happen is, first, people would feel discriminated because "hurrr elitist faggets", and second, everyone would be where most people is anyway, and would want to draw there anyway. That doesn't solve the problem and most chances are, you would end drawing there alone or with some random people from 4chan that would do the same anyways.

So, tl;dr: flock is doomed. There is too much people. Not everyone enjoy the same things, not everyone is at the same level nor want or need to be, and there is too much conflict because of this, and there is way too few space for all of us. Which is virtually false (rooms), but in practice, it is true. And this has no possible fix. Whatever you do, it will happen.
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sweetpea: "Also we don't take someone else's space without the author's consent"

he didnt ask, just drew into space den started to ridicule. It was hard for me draw so it took a lot of effort for me to do. U dont kno what went on u wurnt there. Preciate ur input tho
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cntrct: I fucking said that I'm going to erase them after they were there for a while and I said that people are supposed to save it if they want to. You dumb retarded shit are trolling anyway which is obvious by the way you write since no human being with a semi functional brain would write this nonsense and in the way you do
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fail: " just drew into space den started to ridicule"
thats wut hapnd. U didnt say anything bout saving. u said that u would never ask since its "old shit" wen in fact u just moved in as i was drawing. then i came back after u d/c'd me, and continued to ridicule. wats the point in ridiculing? it just makes u look like an incompetent child & u didnt respond to initial question. u talk bout autism so much, u prolly have it. bro thers help for dat
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fail: :)
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cntrct: yes you fucking retarded trolling hoe I said I would never ASK. I warned them/told them I would erase however. but I guess it's impossible for you with your IQ of an newborn kid with trisomy 21 to understand this simple logic
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fail: stay mad my friend

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Vicious23: wow look at all the children coming onto skycow for the summer arguing about shit that doesnt really have an impact on their real lives.

Oh wait thats not children, thats the regular skycow crowd.

What's the difference, am I right?

Thank you, I'll be in main, come find me for more faggotry.
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fail: i luv u 2 bb

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CommonCold: So what I got from this was:
Flock is doomed because there are too many doges on the board.
Rip /f/lock

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sweet_pea: Absolute rubbish