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Mallony: if i made an animu..
for those who didn't appear in this first season, you still have a chance for the second season!
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Mallony: *ending credits:*
*thank you anon_8, brackets, luumuke and nim*
*without you this wouldn't have been possible*

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nim: you tell that whore to back-off. luv u :3

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z: Made my night

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a8: you call whore yo moma, byatch ! Marony-kun loves me, because I'm the pretiest of them all !
(and most modest lol)

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a8: Also, admin is such a bishounen, ahahaha.
You should've drawn him holding a rose with his teeth, Mal.
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Ariana: d'awwwwwwwww *0*
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cntrct: <3
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4242: Finally, I have become kawaii.