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z: We need more mods who actually stay in the damn board. How many mods do you see regularly everyday? maybe make a system where mods times are logged when they sign into flockdraw?
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Brackets: This is a art
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fail: The board usually gets shit on when:
1.) There are no mods present
2.) The mods are not paying attention
3.) The mods are AFK
4.) When someone clears the whole board
4a no one draws on the board

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z: 2 and 3 are the same. 4 isnt a problem. 1 is a problem. i have been online all day once and there was no mods active but me from 4-9PST. there are a lot of mods who do no moderating or even sign in once a week.

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z: it's also worth mentioning I rarely can come on until after 9pm PST to 2am PST. we need to at least know where everyone is and when they can sign in.